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jr. Wildcats Basketball Program


The Jr. Wildcats Basketball Program is committed to:

Giving our players a chance to compete at a high level, fostering a love of the game, and creating a community for coaches, players and families. It is made possible by dedicated coaches and volunteers, and is reinforced by this Code of Conduct.  Every coach, player and parent represents the Wildcat Program and our community, and serves as a role model for others.



What is the jr. Wildcats Basketball Program?


The Jr. Wildcats Program is an organization dedicated to the development of young athletes for the future of a local private school basketball teams.  Teams are selected by a committee made up of coaches and board members.  Our season runs from the beginning of October to mid-March.


Each team plays approximately 20 league games per season.  Most of the Wildcat teams play 3 to 4 tournaments during the basketball season.  The majority of these tournaments are held in the Puget Sound area, however in some cases, teams might travel to other parts of the state depending on time and cost considerations.  Note, most of our teams qualify for the state tournament which historically is held in Spokane, WA.


Team rosters are typically comprised of 10 players and playing time is earned, not guaranteed.  Performance, commitment, effort, attitude and ability are rewarded with extra playing time.


Practices are usually 2-3 days a week and generally last between 1½ and 2 hours.



Coach commitment


As teachers of the game our coaches teach principles that will enhance lifelong success for our basketball players on and off the court.  Coaches are able to teach in the unique environment of athletic competition.  This provides the opportunity to teach interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as leadership, and life sills.  Students have the opportunity to enrich their learning with the “real-world” experiences of being on a team.  Seizing these teaching and learning situations is a priority of all those within the “Wildcat Family”.


Our main objectives must revolve around making basketball personally rewarding for everyone involved.  Members of the program must feel as though they are a part of the “Wildcat Family”.  Our coaching staff will remain positive and supportive of all our players.  Positive relationships are critical between the players, parents, and staff.  Through this relationship we can build trust, respect, and an open line of communication.  Our doors are always open.  Players are encouraged to ask questions and meet with staff on a regular basis.



Player Commitment


1. Players will attend school and try their hardest in their studies. Players are considered student-athletes and will be in good standing at their attended school.


2. Players will be team players and always put the team first.


3. Players will accept instruction for their coach and be ready to learn.


4. Players will try their hardest during practice and games and understand that playing time is earned through hard work and dedication.


5. Players will demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off of the court.


6. Players will attend practices, games, meetings and any other team function on time.


7. Players will show respect towards all coaches, players, referees/officials, volunteers and parents at all times.


8. Players will show respect towards the facilities and related equipment in which they practice and play.


9. Players will not fight, use foul language or argue with coaches, teammates, other teams’ players, or referees/officials.








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